Ceylan Ertem

Ceylan Ertem (b.1980) is a Turkish singer.

Ertem was born on the 26th December 1980 in Adapazarı, Turkey. She joined the municipal choir and took guitar lessons as a child. She moved to Istanbul in 1999 for further education in music, and studied singing at the Istanbul Academy for a year, followed by two years of western music education in Müjdat Gezen Sanat Merkezi. In 2000 she co-founded [artist[Anima[/artist] with Tunçay Korkmaz. She started studying musicology in Yildiz Techincal University arts and design faculty/audial design department in 2004. Anima started recording their album Animasal in August 2005, and it was released by Sony BMG in February 2006. Anuima performed throughout Turkey, and composed and recorded the soundtrack for the film Saklı Yüzler in 2007 -- but by the end of that year the band had broken up.

Ertem started preparing and hosting a twenty-six-week radio programme called Şubidap for Açık Radyo, one of Turkey's main radio stations. Meanwhile, she was playing, writing, and developing her improvisational skills with various bands such as Ways, Octophone, Kpar Kpoh Knah. Her first solo album, Soluk (2010), included a number of compositions written for Kpar Kpoh Knah,

Ertem formed the Soluk-Acoustic Project with guitarist Cenk Erdoğan, and the Soluk - Electronic Project with Gökhan Sürer, Mustafa Özşamlı, and Cenk Erdoğan.

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